Did God Forgive Us of Our
Future Sins?


Did God Forgive Us of Our Future Sins
by Ronald Callender
InnerMan Publishing•2013
ISBN-13: 978-0-921509-10-3

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Did God Forgive Us of Our Future Sins? uses Scripture to irrefutably shows that God never forgave us of any future sins the moment we began to believe in Jesus. This finding differs from what many preach and teach and cause others to believe. These preachers and teachers do not offer adequate Scriptures and sound biblical reasoning. By the time you finish reading, you would have realized that once we know truth, we should believe it to reap the blessings associated with it. We’re better off knowing truth and not believing it than not knowing it, and can’t believe it. Both options deliver the same consequence. When we know truth, we’ve the luxury to change our mind, and believe it. When we don’t know truth, we can never believe it. Truth is the only thing that gives and maintains eternal life by feeding it.


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Future Sins?”

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