The Mission

The Prophetic Writer (TPW) has a threefold mission to help expand the Kingdom of God on the earth.

TPW will succeed in its three-legged mission: spread the gospel of the kingdom, help meet the diverse needs of young orphans and old underprivileged people all around the world, and produce content that feeds the spirit, fattens the soul, and renews your mind.


Evangelical Mission

TPW exists primarily to spread the gospel of the kingdom at home and all around the world. It  promotes InnerMan Publishing publications, instruments of righteousness, that will help make possible the below:

  • make the most of every opportunity to spread the gospel on the Internet platform
  • have the book The More Things Change, the More They Remain the Same translated into one or more foreign-languages
  • train pastors overseas
  • acquire equipment and staff to do more and to respond faster to needs


Mission Field

Donations will help bring the projects below to fruition:

  • Help meet the needs of some of the thousands of orphans the August 22, 2017, mudslide in Sierra Leone created.
  • Help as many children as possible affected by the August 31, 2017, flood in Houston, Texas.
  • Help as many children as possible affected by the August 2017 flooding that occurred in Mumbai, India.
  • Establish an educational training center in an African country.


Donations will help to publish the books below. They have either been written or at various stages of completion:

  • Game Over Before It Started: How Jesus Overcame the World Before He left His Hometown
  • Jesus: The Only Way to the God of the Bible
  • 6 Cs: Prayer Strategies That Keep the Devil Out of Your Life
  • Testimonies Galore, Volume 1
  • Revelations Galore, Volume 1
  • The False Doctrine of Evidence
  • The False Doctrine of Instinct



The more you partner with Prophet Ronald, the more content and publications will be available to bless you and others as well as help Prophet Ronald accomplish our Father’s business.

By generously giving and ordering publications for yourself and others, you will give Prophet Ronald the impetus and encouragement he needs to accomplish the projects already mentioned as well as consider others.