A Love-of-God Testimony

When we truly believe that the love of God can solve all men and women’s ails and woes, we’ll dispense it into people’s lives even when they perpetrate evil works against us or fail to demonstrate they love us in other ways.

For the longest time, many church and ministry’s leaders lived by the erroneous belief and saying, “People don’t want to know what you know until they know that you love them.” The first time I heard it, it came out of a Christian’s mouth.

Fleshly Saying

That saying and belief sounds cute and nice. Nevertheless, it’s fleshly and full of deceit. Anything we say that’s not truth represents error. All errors embody deceit. Deceived people speak deceit. They also attempt to deceive others without trying. We either deceive others with error or we edify them with truth.

“People don’t want to know what you know until they know that you love them” passes the flesh test, because Scripture fails to support it. If we haven’t experienced the love of God, how can we claim that others don’t love us?

When the love of God abides in us, we don’t judge others. At least without having solid reasons for stating, not what we believe about them, but what we know for sure about them.

The love of God causes us to overlook the shenanigans—works of the flesh—people play, and be thankful that we can discern when the flesh controls a person, and not the Holy Spirit.

Additionally, the love of God in our hearts will also cause us to walk in love with those who don’t have it or judge others unrighteously. We’ll walk in it for three reasons:

  • The love of God can solve all of Mankind’s self-inflicted problems (Ps. 34:6).
  • The love of God never fails (1 Cor. 13:8).
  • The more we dispense the love of God into the lives of others (Mark 12:31), the more it flows into our own lives (Matt. 25:29).

Once we know those three true and solid reasons for walking in the love of God, and believe in them, we’ll walk ever increasingly in the love of God in our own lives.

Questions for You

May I ask, did we love Jesus before He loved us? We didn’t. He loved us first (1 John 4:19). Man knew and still doesn’t know anything about the love of God, so how could we love Jesus or God or the Holy Spirit or our neighbors? To love one or all members of the Godhead as well as people we meet, God has to teach us how to walk in His love (1 Thess. 4:9-10) with all of them.

Tested, Tried, and Triumphed

This testimony of walking in ever increasing love of God came to me after someone perpetrated what that I saw as an evil work against me. Instantly, the enemy of my soul told me to respond in kind with the person, instead of the love of God when I’m leaving the venue.

The Holy Spirit then brought into my mind that an orange gives orange juice to anyone—a good or an evil person—who squeezes it. Similarly, if I’ve the love of God in me, whoever “squeezes me”, as in offends me, should get the fragrance of the love of God on them, and not the stench of vengeance.

During the testing and temptation, I came upon a plan to increase the likelihood that I’ll taste victory. I told myself that I would only post this testimony under one condition. If I obeyed the utterance of the Holy Spirit by not yielding to my flesh nature. Clearly, I triumphed over the world, the flesh, and the Devil. Upon leaving the location I told the perpetrator: “Thank you”, rather than withhold it because of the offense. By obeying the Holy Spirit, I walked in the Spirit, and got the victory, not to mention this testimony as a bonus gift.

My Prayer

I pray it blesses you to no end, now and in the future, and helps you in some way to walk in increasing love of God in difficult situations, so that you’ll also reap a love-of-God testimony in Jesus’ name. Amen.

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