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A Dear Roger Letter

Dear Mr. Goodell:

Thanks for urging one or more NFL teams to hire Mr. Colin Kaepernick. In my eyes, you are a bigger man for having done that.

Different Awareness Levels

You and the rest of us don’t get things right at the same or the first time. Some of us never do, but you did. The important thing is not when we get it, but that we get it. You came to the light.

Apostle James tells us whoever knows to do good and does not do it, the person sinned.

Therefore, if we don’t know, we’ve not sinned. However, it doesn’t end there; we’ll still suffer the same consequences as the person who wronged someone knowingly.

In your case, you experienced much flak for your position on this matter. Now that you reconsidered your position, I say kudos to you for doing the right thing. Anytime we say or do what is right with no one telling us to do it, that’s good. That applies to you.

Will an NFL team hire Mr. Kaepernick, only time will tell? I believe the NFL and/or the team owners can do something to please Mr. Kaepernick. It will allow the owners who do not see this issue as you do, based on their silence to date, to show, implicitly or explicitly, that they’ve joined you in the light.

A Good Deal For Everybody

I cannot speak for Mr. Kaepernick, but maybe, the owners can make this issue go away with the stroke of one or more pens.

A food-for-thought panacea comes next.

You may use the highest annual salary Mr. Kaepernick made in his last NFL contract, say, 14 million dollars, multiply it by, say, 15 years NFL service, to arrive at 210 million dollars. I call this amount “make-the-issue-go-away” package for Mr. Kaepernick.

That settlement should allow the owners to maintain their position or to avoid hurting themselves in the eyes of sports fans. They should note that most people in the country have now embraced the reason Mr. Kaepernick knelt. Look at the polls and the size, composition, and duration of the protests.

The owners can afford the “package.” Here’s why.

Mr. Michael Jordan, the Chicago Bulls legend, pledged 100 million dollars over 10 years for the Black Lives Matter cause.

Each NFL team owner is as rich as or richer than Mr. Jordan. Since the latter promised 100 million dollars, then each owner, who contributed to creating the problem in the first place, could at least match or exceed Mr. Jordan’s goodwill.

When we look at the “go-away” package in this comparative light, it becomes pittance, a win-win proposition for both sides, and a means to an end. How so?

Mr. Kaepernick would’ve gotten a settlement for being qualified (merit) but not hired. In fact, on June 22, 2020, Andrea Mitchell, host of Andrea Mitchell Reports on MSNBC, interviewed Jemele Hill, a contributing writer at The Atlantic. During their discourse, Hill addressed the matter of Bubba Wallace. He spearheaded efforts to have the Confederate flag banned at NASCAR’s races. In her comment, Mitchell mentioned that Mr. Kaepernick was “banned from the sport [NFL]”.

On June 24, 2020, Don Lemon, host of CNN Tonight with Don Lemon, had Bob Costas, MLB Network host, as a guest. On the subject of Mr. Keapernick, Costas said that the NFL had “blackballed” him.

His unemployment, banishment, blackballing, is not his fault. Thus, if no team hires him, then the settlement wouldn’t only be just, but also allow him to go away quietly into the sunset to help change the lives of people on whose behalf he knelt.

What if Mr. Kaepernick remains banished and “blackballed”, but had received a settlement? In this scenario, you and the team owners will know that each time Mr. Kaepernick meets the needs of the less fortunate, the owners would experience pleasure. How so?

By the NFL justly underwriting Mr. Kaepernick’s work, in a way, the owners would become hands-on partners in everything he does, even if they did or didn’t openly support him as you did.

Continuous blessings, including good health and safety, in Jesus’ name. Amen.


PS: If any of the owners ever come to the light, individually or as the NFL, the blessings also extend to them.

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